Who does Giftmart benefit?


To safeguard dignity, parents of partner schools are invited to select and purchase gifts for their children at a discounted price.


Low-income communities are empowered to support their local school by using proceeds to purchase needed educational items like library books, computers and musical instruments.


Businesses, club and faith-based organizations are partnering together to harness the generosity of their networks and provide the opportunity to serve those in need in their communities.

Hear from a family who used Giftmart

My initial response to Giftmart was ‘I don’t need that’. I didn’t need help, and I didn’t want help. But I was in a situation that required me to use some help. I went there feeling really down that I needed to use that service, but from the minute I walked in, I felt like a person. There was someone who greeted me with coffee or hot chocolate. They greeted me with cookies. They were friendly. I didn’t feel like someone who was unable to provide Christmas for my children. I felt like a person.


A parent from the Giftmart community